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The program can only be started in the winter term.


The application for this program  takes place exclusively via the Online-application-portal.

If you have any problems please contact the Campus Management Department directly:



Application periode

Start: March 20th

End: May 15th



The Application is made directly to one of the 5 elective tracks


How to apply?

Enter your application in the online application portal, upload the documents and submit it

    • the final Bachelor certificate must first be available at the time of enrollment!

A (preliminary) transcript is sufficient for the application.

    • Language certificates must only be presented at the time of enrollment!

For the application it must be evident that the required language level can be achieved.

    • The Transcript reflexes the knowledge that you already have

Please upload the most current verison, even if not all grades are entered yet.

    • required proof of special knowledge for certain elective tracks

Please note the corresponding question below

    • With the Motivation Letter you have the opportunity to stand out from the field of applicants and give your application a personal touch. 

1 to maximum 2 pages are completely sufficient!

In addition to the letter of motivation, a declaration about the independent creation of the letter is required (declaration of independence)

Icon Finger.png The uploaded documents are used for review and form the basis of the decision on your application. The uploaded documents should therefore match the original (to a large extent).

!!! All documents must be presented at enrollment in the original or as a certified copy*!

* certified copy: Information on proper oficial certification can be found here: Leaflet of the Service Center Studium.

Icon Finger.png Hint for BSc. Students of the Faculty:

To ensure timely enrollment in the master's program, it is strongly recommended that the bachelor's thesis be submitted no later than September 1st.

What are the requirements?

General requirements:

  •     Bachelor's degree in environmental sciences or forestry or related
  •     B.Sc. Graduation with a grade average of at least 2.5 (German grade)
  •     German elective track: German C1, English B2
  •     English elective track: English C1


Specifc requirements:

The specific admission requirements can be found directly on the websites of the Study profiles.

What documents do I need?

The following documents are required for a complete application:

Checklist of necessary documents: pdf-download (with supplementary information)

  • signed confirmation form
  • Motivation letter + declaration of independence
  • Bachelor certificate
  • current Transcript of records
  • If applicable, proof of required special knwoledge
  • Language certificate(s)
  • If applicable, proof of education, practical experiences, stays abroad
  • If applicable APS Certificate (Applicants from China, Vietnam und Mongolia)

proof of required special knwoledge

Depending on the chosen profile line, additional special knowledge is required for admission.

To prove this, additional certificates, course attendance certificates, a compilation of relevant modules + module description or a written declaration of intensive self-study including details of the literature/software used can be uploaded at the appropriate point in the application portal.

What language certificates are accepted?

  • Native speakers are exempt from the proof requirement

-> Official language in home country = native language

  • German study profile:

German level C1 (or native language) - English level B2

  • English study profile:

English level C1 (or native language) - German not required

Icon Finger.png further explainations

!!! Language certificates must be available at the latest at the time of enrollment.

At the time of application, however, it must be evident that the language level can be achieved. (Registering for the test, taking a language course, study abroad experience, studying with English teaching formats, ...)

How does the application process work?

Log in to the Application portal, for this you need to create an account.

Keep the access data safe, as you will need access to the portal again later.

Further procedure:

    1. Enter information and upload necessary documents
    2. Print confirmation form, sign it and upload it
    3. Submit application online and print control data sheet  (changes in the application can only be made within the deadline)
    4. After the application deadline, the applications are professionally reviewed (selection committee)
    5.  In case of professional suitability, the final formal examination follows by the Service Center Studium (SCS)
    6. Admission letters are sent by the SCS to the address stored in the portal and are available as a download in the inbox of the application portal.

A letter of rejection is provided exclusively as a download in the application portal. It will not be sent by mail. Please keep the access data for the application portal!

Successful application: Everything you need to know for your study start

What makes studying in Freiburg special?

  • Freiburg is young and dynamic, a big city, but still small, traditional and modern
  • Insights from students of geography into their student life in Freiburg (only in German): Film: YouTube

Admission regulation (only in German)

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