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Welcome to the MSc Environmental Sciences

Welcome Week - 09.10. - 15.10.23 - Welcomes - offers of the student's council

 The Master's program Environmental Sciences/Environmental Sciences provides an in-depth education in the field of environmental sciences. The spectrum of the course content ranges from basic ecosystem interrelationships and current issues of ecological change to technical and socio-economic strategies for the preservation, adaptation and restoration of an intact environment. Central importance is attached to the guiding principle of sustainability in dealing with the environment and natural resources.

With their application, students choose one of the five in-depth majors and can additionally set their individual focus in their studies through elective modules and a compulsory internship.

Majors in the Master of Environmental Sciences: (Major is determined during the application)

pl-land-kachel   pl-climate-kachel.jpg   pl-wildlife-kachel.jpg   pl-emds-kachel.jpg   pl-sat-kachel.jpg

 Structure of the Program (pdf)