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About the Programme

 The protection and the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems are at the center of the MSc Environmental Sciences programme at Freiburg University. Environmental Sciences is a comparatively young discipline, which deals with the impact of humans on the environment.
In Freiburg, the Environmental Sciences are shaped by interdisciplinary links with Forest Sciences, Geosciences, Geography and Hydrology. This combination brings students the benefit of having a wide array of courses, which tackle fundamental environmental issues from different perspectives, from those based on ecological and natural sciences to perspectives from socioeconomic and planning disciplines. By combining theory-driven modules with a number of application-oriented modules, students are provided with opportunities to apply and develop strategies for environmental problems at a regional, national and international level.

It is our aim to acquaint you with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills indispensable in the wide range of potential working areas for environmental scientists.

The division of the programme into elective tracks, and the flexible choice of courses via core and elective modules allow students an opportunity to build their individual educational profile.