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For the successful completion of the M.Sc. Forest Sciences, an Internship (10 ECTS) of at least 7 weeks (full-time) is required. It is usually completed during the lecture-free periods between the second and third semester, but can also be carried out flexibly at a different time if required.

The minimum duration of 7 weeks enables students to gain in-depth practical experience and is also a good opportunity to explore possible occupational fields and career opportunities and to make some new contacts.

The Internship can be completed both in Germany and abroad, in one piece or divided into two practical phases of at least three weeks each. A total of 275 hours must be verified.

Internships within the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources are excluded from recognition.

Internships without a sufficient subject-specific reference cannot be recognized.

Internships that were completed before the start of the master can be recognized for a minimum of 6 months, provided they are technically suitable.